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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

©Jean Dieuzaide, Jean-Pierre with Fanny, Lacoste, 1975

Jean-Pierre Sudre

(1921-1997) Jean-Pierre was a masterful technician, poet, visionary, philosopher, teacher and artist enchanted by the possibilities in photography. His knowledge of chemistry and photography, along with his wife Claudine, a master printer of 19th century images, was mesmerizing. Sudre invented the Mordançage technique based on acid etch processes, often creating images using crystals on glass plates. Sudre began teaching in Paris in 1957 at the School of Applied Arts and from 1965-1970 in Brussels. In 1968, he and Claudine created the first Photographic Experimental Workshop, before moving to Lacoste in 1972 where they continued to receive students at their atelier and Jean-Pierre continued to teach in Marseille.  Jean-Pierre created the Photographic Department at the Superior School of Graphic Art Académie Julian (ESAG) where he was the workshop manager.

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