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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

© G Alan Myers, 2011

Jennifer Spelman

When Jennifer Spelman was 21 years old, she went around the world as a student on the S.S. Universe Explorer. She took along her dad’s Canon AE-1 and tried to photograph the vast oceans and people she met during the 100-day journey.  She returned home with a stack of negatives developed in the ship’s darkroom, two African masks and a Vietnamese hat. After the Semester at Sea she returned to her job as a Demonstrative Evidence Specialist for the Jeffco District Attorney’s Office. Most of the time her job involved creating exhibits for the prosecution but once she photographed a bust going down outside a Denny’s through the periscope of an unmarked police van. Jennifer moved to Santa Fe in 2006 after experiencing the Santa Fe Workshops. She’s still crazy about the clear skies, roaming coyotes and rare roadrunner.

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