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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

© Joyce Tenneson, Self-portrait, 1998

Joyce Tenneson

I grew up on the grounds of a convent, we were the only children, and the nuns were like our family. That surreal environment—with its pageants and holy days—had a huge effect on my psyche and opened me up to the realm of the unconscious. In retrospect, the visual richness of my earlier life contributed to what some critics have called my signature style—a blend of sensuality and spirituality. After having finished 16 books and countless exhibits around the world, people often ask me what has been most meaningful in my life. Without hesitating, I always say that, besides my treasured family and friends, what I most value is being on “The Journey”! As Maya Angelou said to me when I photographed her, “If you are not on The Journey you are not really Alive.”

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