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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

The Tibesti, Chad, 1970 © Fondation Gilles Caron

Robert Pledge

Born in London in 1942, moved to Paris in 1951, then to New York in 1973. A student of West African languages and anthropology, and a jazz practitioner, he found his way into journalism and photography as a specialist of African affairs. Co-founded the international photojournalism “boutique-agency” Contact Press Images in New York in 1976. Since, has curated major worldwide exhibitions and edited books, notably with Jane Evelyn Atwood, Alexandra Avakian, David Burnett, Nick Danziger, Giorgia Fiorio, Robert Frank, Lori Grinker, Adriana Groisman, Jin Yongquan, Annie Leibovitz, Li Zhensheng, Don McCullin, and John Morris. Former president of the boards of trustees of The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, in New York, and of the Association Gilles Caron and the Dotation Catherine Leroy, in Paris.

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