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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

© Sam Abell, Thad and Sam Abell, Sylvania, Ohio 1975

Sam Abell

Sam Abell was born in 1945 and raised in Sylvania, Ohio, as the second son of high school teachers. In 1967 he graduated from the University of Kentucky. That year he was a summer intern at National Geographic beginning a professional relationship that lasted until 2003. Since then he has maintained a career as an independent photographer, teacher and writer. His work has been featured in five monographs: Stay This Moment; The Photographic Life; Seeing Gardens; The Life of a Photograph and Sam Abell: Library. The International Center of Photography in New York City and the University of Virginia Museum of Art have exhibited his work in one-person shows. Together with his wife, Denise, he has lived in Crozet, Virginia since 1977.

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