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BurkholderJill and Dan with Jerry Uelsma

© Sisse Brimberg, Self-portrait, Holland, 2019

Sisse Brimberg

“When I was young, my mom would have me in tow as she traveled the far reaches of the earth on her many assignments for the National Geographic Magazine. It was my first exposure to the marvels of the world but also my principal education in photography, which later became my profession, from one of the great masters of reportage. Nowadays, as we both travel the world for our various projects, I’m often left wondering which of the seven continents my mom is on. I don’t always know the answer, but I’m comforted by the fact that no matter where she is, I know that she is doing what she loves, sharing her passion for photography in the good company of her adoring students and peers.“ Saskia Coulson, 2020

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